Why I Haven’t Made Any Freelancing Goals This Year- And Maybe You Shouldn’t Either



I thought it might be nice to follow-up on last week’s post about setting STAR goals with a post about my freelancing goals for this year.  The problem is, I haven’t made any.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a few freelancing goals written down, and ideas for more just rattling around in my head, but I’m just not going to be working on them — yet.


I’ve decided to do things a little differently this year.  I’ve decided to use a stepped approach to achieving my goals this year.  Instead of working on all of my goals simultaneously, doing a little work towards each one each day, this year I will be working on only two goals at a time, for three months at a time.


Stepped Goals — It’s Kind of Like Time-Blocking The Year


I’m a big believer in time-blocking my days to increase my productivity.  The premise is simple — dedicate chunks of time to focus solely on one task.  This year, I’m using the same principle in regards to my goals — dedicating portions of the year to focus only on one or two goals.  This will give me more time to fully pursue those goals, and minimize the distractions of other goals competing for my time.


Eat That Frog — Why I’m Putting Personal Goals First 


I decided to start off 2014 working on personal goals, rather than professional.  Not because personal goals are easier, but because, for me, they are harder.  I’ve been a freelance writer for nearly seven years now, and in that time I’ve allowed more than a few personal goals to fall by the wayside.  There’s only so much time in a day, sacrifices had to be made, and I consistently sacrificed personal goals in order to make the time to achieve professional ones.

Since these personal goals — which have to do with fitness and de-cluttering — are not things that I particularly enjoy, I decided to work on them first.  And since I will only be concentrating on personal goals for the first three months, I won’t have any professional goals competing for — and winning — my time and energy.  In a nutshell, I won’t have any excuses for not putting my all into achieving these goals.


How About You?  Are You Achieving Your Personal Goals?


I think it has become pretty commonplace for people to place professional duties and goals above personal ones — and freelancers need to be especially careful of this trap.  When the lines between personal space and time and professional space and time are easily blurred, it becomes all too easy to ignore one for the other.  How are you keeping your personal and professional goals in harmony?

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