Why I Love Being a Freelance Writer (Yes, I’m Being Serious)



Happy Valentine’s Day!

In all the hustle and bustle of my increasingly busy days, it’s so easy for me to get overwhelmed with my never-ending to do list, and start to wonder just why in the world did I choose to take all of this on.  So in an attempt to remind myself of all I have to be grateful for in regards to my career, and to honor  Valentine’s Day, I’ve created a list of the many reasons I love being a freelance writer . . .


I get to create my own schedule!

Actually, I don’t.  My kids’ schedules create my schedule.  But someday I will be calling the shots!


No commute!

It’s a brisk 7 degrees outside as I write this (-2 with wind chill), so I’m pretty happy to not have to go outside.  Except to chauffeur those darn kids.


I don’t have to get dressed or do my hair!

Unless I’m taking the kids somewhere — heaven forbid I should embarrass them!


I can work from anywhere!

Anywhere with a wi-fi connection, that is.  As long as I’m home in time to feed the kids.


I can say no to projects I don’t want to do!

Unless I’m broke.  Then I just have to suck it up.  The college that my oldest attends doesn’t care if I don’t want to write about Ice Vending Machines.  CMU wants its money!


I’m constantly learning new things!

You’d be surprised how much I actually know about Ice Vending Machines.


I get along with my boss!

I’m pretty easy to get along with.  Most of the time.


I can take a long lunch if I want!

Or I can start work after lunch.  Or I can quit work after lunch.


I can go on vacation whenever I want!

Well, I can go on vacation whenever the kids are off school.


I can bring my dog to the office!

And five minutes later, I can take a break to let him outside.  And five minutes after that, I can take another break to let him back in.  And five minutes after that he wants back out.


I can make a Starbucks run whenever I feel like it!

Actually, this might not be such a good thing . . .


I can work on personal projects on company time!

I can also fold laundry on company time.  And clean the bathroom.  Lucky me.


No office gossip!

As long as I stay off Facebook, that is.


I dictate my own salary!

No haggling for a raise — if I want extra money, I do extra work.  Period.


I never get bored!

If I need a break from writing, I can always to some bookkeeping.  Or some marketing.  Or some research.  Or some networking.  Or more laundry.


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