In a Freelancing Funk? Seven Things To Do When the Creative Juice Quits Flowing

StressedManIt happens to all of us freelancers every once in a while — some days you just can’t get into your creative groove.  Whatever the reason, burnout happens.  But before you decide to hang it up all together, try some of these tips to see if you can’t get your freelancing groove back.


  1. Revisit Your Goals.  Take a look at your goals — both personal and professional.  (You do have them written down, right?!)  Sometimes a little reminder of why you do what you do is all it takes to snap you right back into action.
  2. Review Positive Feedback.  Re-reading an email or message from a satisfied client is an instant mood booster for when you’re feeling like you just can’t get it done.  Because you can get it done — you’ve done it before — and quite well.
  3. Switch Locations.  Pack up the laptop and head to the local coffee shop.  Or the library.  Or the park.  Or even just sit outside in your own yard.  Sometimes a change of scenery can spark new inspiration.
  4. Switch Projects.  Do you have a different project you could be working on?  If your deadline allows, switch to something else for a few hours.  Working on personal projects that are near and dear to you can light a fire that you can carry over into client work.
  5. Take Care of Administrative Tasks.  There’s always plenty of these to take care of, and they generally don’t require much creativity.  This might not create much of an inspirational spark, but it can keep you in the “working” mind frame.
  6. Suck It Up!  Force yourself to get to work, even if you aren’t feeling inspired.  Talk a little tough love to yourself.  In the words of Thomas Edison, success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration!
  7. Take the Day Off!  As long as there are no immediate deadlines pressing, go ahead and give yourself the day off.  Don’t feel guilty – tell yourself that you deserve this break, and tomorrow it’s back to work!


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