Freelancing Survival Tip: Use A Planning System That Works For You!

Time Management


As a freelancer, you probably already know the importance of time management — after all, for us, time is money!  That is why it’s so important to have a planning system that works for you!

Us freelancers have a lot to keep track of — appointments, to-do’s, client information, goals, projects and ideas that randomly pop into our heads — and we need a system to keep all of that information organized.  For years, I had used a Franklin Covey Planner that served all of my time management needs — a calendar, task list, address book, plenty of room for notes, and room to add sections for projects.  The only problem was I often didn’t have it with me when I needed it — it was a bit bulky, and I preferred to leave it on my desk than have to lug it around in my purse.  When I joined the 21st century and bought an iPhone, I fell in love with iCal and Reminders — mainly for the ability to set alarms!  I’m terrible at getting absorbed in a task and losing all track of time!  So I made the switch to digital — my phone is always with me.  I even found an app that looked just like my old paper planner.  It seemed perfect, until the planner app I purchased started to crash frequently, losing all my information — which sent me running back to my bulky, yet trusted, paper planner.

The most important aspect of a time-management system is that it has to help you manage your time and your information — not be another drain on your precious time!   It has to be straightforward enough that you don’t need to take a class in order to know how to use it, simple enough that it doesn’t take five minutes to schedule a to-do, and portable enough to have with you when you need it.  Above all, it has to fulfill your time management needs.  Because if it’s too complicated, too time consuming, or too unreliable, it’s not helping you — it’s hurting you!  I’m still looking for the perfect digital system, so if any of you have some advice, please leave a comment and share what works for you!






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