My Favorite Apps for On The Go Productivity


One of the greatest perks of being a freelance writer is the ability to work from anywhere. I used to carry a few notebooks, a half-dozen pens, and copies of the latest articles I was working on in my purse just so I could utilize what would otherwise be wasted time — waiting for the kids at the orthodontist, waiting for my son to get out of basketball practice, or waiting at Starbucks for a coffee date with the girls.  Last year, when I joined the 21st century and bought an iPhone, being able to work from anywhere became a lot easier, and a lot less bulky!  Now, armed with my iPhone, and a few awesome apps, I truly can — and do — work from anywhere.

My Favorite Apps for On the Go Productivity


iCal.  I know a lot of you are going to say that iCal is a pretty basic calendar app, but what I love is the shared calendars.  Since my teens, siblings, and even my parents are all iPhone users, we can share our calendars, making it so simple to keep track of everyone’s schedules — and color coding for each person makes it a snap to get a quick glance at everyone’s day.


Pocket Informant.  While I love iCal for getting a quick look at what my whole family is up to, Pocket Informant is my go to app for keeping myself on track.  I absolutely love being able to see my appointments and tasks on the same page — which is one of the reasons it took me so long to ditch my bulky paper planner.  Events sync with iCal, so appointments only have to be scheduled once.  And I can filter out my shared calendars, so I only view what’s taking up my time.  Tasks can be scheduled and viewed on the day-view calendar, so I can time-block my day in PI, while keeping iCal for appointments only.


Day OneDay One is my favorite journaling app, bar none. I love having a journal on my phone — I always have it with me.  I keep track of everything in Day One — it’s my diary, my weight & exercise journal, where I record my dreams, and a place to keep track of my kids’ milestones.  Entries can be tagged for easier reference, so there’s no need to re-read every entry looking for that one bit of inspiration I had jotted down last week.


Simple Mind+Simple Mind+ is an easy to use mind mapping software — perfect for me as I’m new to mind mapping.  I’ve only been using this a few months, but I am loving it. It’s an awesome tool for planning out longterm goals and brainstorming ideas. I really wonder how I’ve gotten along with out it for so long.


PagesPages is my primary app for word processing. I had always used Word before — even after switching to a Mac, but after upgrading to an iPhone, I wanted something that would sync back and forth across devices so I could make use of down time such as at doctors office or waiting for my son to compete at a track meet.


NumbersNumbers has replaced Excel for me for the same reason that Pages has replaced Word. I can keep track of all my spreadsheets on my iPhone.


Meal Board.  I love Meal Board for planning out meals in advance. It’s also quite handy as a record to keep track of what I’ve been putting in my mouth.  Recipes can be stored directly in the app, and shopping lists automatically generated.


Evernote.  No productivity list would be complete without Evernote.  A wonderful way to store and organize information.  I forward all important email straight to Evernote instead of creating folders in my email app.  I can upload web links to keep track of research for client work, and can access all my information from anywhere.


Social Media Apps.  Update statuses on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ while standing in line at the grocery store — now that’s smart multitasking!


These are my favorite apps for on-the-go productivity.  What are some of yours?


Some of the product links are affiliate links; all apps mentioned in this article are apps that I personally use — and recommend.





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