About Me

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHi!  I’m Tamara.  My journey into the freelance lifestyle started back in 2007 when I found myself suddenly unemployed.  The small company I worked for was bought out, and my position was filled by the new owner’s wife.  A friend told me of an opening where she worked – a woman had just been let go for missing a week of work to stay home with a sick child.  I thought back to the previous spring when my first grader caught a stomach virus, was out of school for three days, returned the next week only to catch it again and miss three more days.  Six days off work for me.  My previous boss was very understanding; he had three young kids himself.  But would my next boss be?

A few months later, I came across the Helium website.  At first it was for fun, something I did once a month or two.  I’ve always enjoyed writing, and it was a real kick to have something I wrote published on the internet.  I didn’t really think I could write for a living – at least not yet.  In early 2008, while kicking around on Helium, I discovered the Helium Marketplace.  Back then, writing assignments were posted and anyone could submit – and whoever’s article was chosen got paid.  It worked out great for the purchasers; they got to choose out of hundreds of articles.  The first two articles I submitted at Helium Marketplace were purchased.  That’s when I started to think that freelance writing could be a career for me.  For me, freelancing has provided me the most precious job related benefit of all – flexibility.  I can work around my children – I don’t have to call in sick when one of my kids is ill, and I don’t have to beg for a personal day to chaperone a field trip.  I can leave the “office” early to watch one of their sporting events, and I can take as many vacation days as I want (or my bank account can afford).  I honestly can’t imagine being tied to an office again.

There was a definite learning curve for the first few years.  I was fortunate to find some successful freelance writers on the internet who were more than happy to share their knowledge and secrets of success.  And that is exactly what I want to do here: share what I have learned – and what I’m still figuring out – and hope that my experiences and insights can help someone else achieve their dream of living the freelance life.

Thanks for visiting!